Squad points

Points will be uploaded here before the beginning of each session
All squad points
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Total points: 96,5
Total points: 124
Total points: 114,5
Total points: 104
Total points: 185,5
Total points: 185,5
Total points: 153,5
Total points: 77
Total points: 108,5
How to earn points?
Work hard, be nice, share
and those squad points will be piling up in no time :)
Participation points
The squad gets points for each member attending each session. If you are absent, your squad loses a point. The good news, there are ways to earn back these lost points with Discovery Points and Squad Points.
Squad points
Kindness pays, spitefulness costs. Open and inclusive collaboration and respectful communication earns your squad points. Not just at workshops. Also in between, when doing your home work as a squad. Also, your roles are not just fancy titles. All of your roles are of equal importance. Make sure you take your responsibility seriously and give your best. Keep the Squad Rules in mind.
Discovery points
can be earned by sharing your Superhero insights:
  • a blog post or video diary
  • an article in a newspaper
  • a talk at the radio station
  • a TV interview about your project
  • a fascinating picture, video, article, blog you found while researching about your Squad project and want to share on our FB page or @superheroesgirls on Instagram.
Notify the Superheroes team at to collect points. Include links and your squad info. Max 5 (diverse) Discovery Points per team per two weeks.
Homework points
Your coaches will evaluate your squad's homework between each session. Timeliness and commitment matter as well as the quality of the work presented. Make sure to follow your Coaches' guidelines! If not stated otherwise by the Coach, the grading criteria for homework will be counted the following way:

  • 1 point – deadline
  • 1 point – teamwork/delegation of group tasks
  • 1 point – originality, creativity
  • 1 point – content quality
  • 1 point – presentation, professionalism
Squad Rules
all for one
You promise to have
each other's back.
fight fair
Treat each other with
respect & goodwill.
be your best
Stop yourself from being mean & dishonest. If you have an issue, be considerate and open about it.
treat everyone equally
We are all imperfect, all human.
random acts of kindness
Do random acts of kindness to each other.
We love to spot the magic happen!
be humble
It shows strength, not weakness!
be real
...because fake is exhausting. You are a Superhero, spare your energy for saving the world!