These are the most successful projects from two seasons of Superheroes
Season 2 Gold Award
We found that the subject we all care about is recycling and its influence on our environment. RePla makes interactive workshops for kids in primary schools. We decided to educate the children, by providing them with interactive workshops. The reason behind having children as the target group is that they are the most adaptable to change and will hopefully use the knowledge in future as well. The workshop is structured theory-game-theory-game. The topics we discuss are recycling, sorting, pawn packages (pandipakendid), environmental issues, etc. For now, we have done 14 workshops and we will do more in the future. We are certain about the fact that we are going to expand our program by doing workshops for teenagers & adults about effective recycling.
Code Red
Season 2 Silver Award
Our vision is to change the stigma around periods, and girls being ashamed of their menstrual cycle. People believe that it is unacceptable to discuss periods, even within their families. Our project was created to provide comfort for girls, and we introduced monthly subscription care packages with all of the essentials possible to spread awareness, all combined into one personalized kit with feminine hygiene products, tea, chocolate, skincare products and more. We created a website where the box can be ordered and things like sizes, flavors and skin type can be selected. Along the way, we have created a lot of content for spreading awareness including social media, radio and TV interviews, videos and blogs.
Season 2 Bronze Award
DITTO is a universal clothing collection created as a statement against inequality and discrimination in the modern society. The clothing pieces do not distinguish a woman from a man and are suitable for all. Along with the statement apparel, we are holding lectures in Estonian schools on the topic of discrimination and bullying to teach children and teenagers about the long-term psychological effects negative words can have. Our ultimate goal is to achieve social equality, so an individual's opportunities in life would not depend on their sex, gender, religion, race, class or sexual orientation and so on, but it is likely, not reachable in the near future. Despite that, DITTO continues to strive for a better, more open, and safe world.
I'm not Cuckoo
Season 1 Gold Award
Ma ei ole uhhuu (I'm not cuckoo) is all about raising awareness about mental health. We chose this topic because in our society it's taboo to talk about mental health. While being in the program we organized six lectures in cooperation with MTÜ Peaasi. We also created 5 posters about 5 different mental illnesses for schools and did a video with Estonian celebrities. After the program ended, we won the prize of "Lapse suur tegu" from the president. In summer we filmed a short-film based on a true story about mental illness and premiered it at Cinema Sõprus. While making the film we cooperated with a lot of sponsors. About our future, we are planning to do more lectures and bring a play to the stage about depression with the funding we got from Nopi Üles.
Homo Sapiens Agenda
Season 1 Gold Award
Our project was to make a film about different religions. Religion is a big part of many people's life. We chose this topic because we saw misconceptions regarding this theme in our society and we wanted to raise awareness. Our idea was to make an interview with the representatives of five biggest religions in the world: Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Judaism. Over the course of four months, we filmed 4 interviews with those representatives and published an article in Delfi Noorte Hääl and in Hea Kodanik. Sadly, we never finished our movie, because after we had filmed the interviews we discovered that most of the footage was not usable. It still was a great experience to us, to learn what we should not do or do differently next time.
Sunny Sisters
Season 1 Silver Award
In the first season of Superheroes, our squad did a social project and raised money for the charity "Minu unistuste päev". We created an art exhibit showcasing pieces of art from teenagers in Estonia. This gave the teenagers a chance to express themselves on the chosen topic "equality". During the four months, Sunny Sisters planned the event; going to schools to ask for students to make art, reaching out to sponsors and inviting guest speakers to speak at their event. We raised the money for charity by placing donation boxes in the hall of their exhibit.