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I want. I can. I will.
Learn more about Superheroes leadership programme!
Superheroes is a start-up minded leadership programme that equips 13-16 year old girls with skills and support network to practice their superpowers and bring big ideas and social actions to life.
Superheroes grows and encourages a brave new generation of confident and committed women leaders to walk the talk, driven by social responsibility, creativity and collaboration.
Superheroes works through learning by doing, supported by inspirational role models, coaching and mentorship. Teams of five will have squads and goals to be prepared for a superhero life.

Superheroes checklist

You are a great fit for a Superhero, if you:

Are a 13-16 year old girl and want to make a difference in the world


Want to take action and turn your ideas into reality


Want to be confident to speak your mind
and find friends that share your passion


Want to be a part of an inspiring, open
and exciting Superheroes community


Will take the time and commit to giving
your best as a Superhero

Superheroes runs in Tallinn from December 2016 to March 2017.
All sessions are conducted in English and are free of charge.

Workshops are held twice a month on Sundays in Tallinn
Sessions are kicked off by an inspirational speaker, followed by diverse workshops and mentor support to help drive business ideas and social actions forward.
Think of Superheroes as your support network and yourself as the Superhero to bring about change that matters to you. You are asked to be in charge of your homework as well as be accountable to your squad. What you learn from the greatest leaders and entrepreneurs, we want you to put it into practice for your own big idea to become a reality.

I want. I can. I will
Superheroes ends with a Gala in late March 2017
The Gala event will be illustrating the programme through short inspirational films, guests speakers and an entertainment programme. We will be showcasing team successes and giving out awards. The most impactful team will be awarded with an exciting study trip to the UK and to meet global changemakers!
11th of December, 2016 – 22nd March, 2017
11 December at 11:00
11 December at 11:00
18 December at 11:00
8 January at 11:00
8 January at 11:00
22 January at 11:00
22 January at 11:00
5 February at 11:00
19 February at 11:00
19 February at 11:00
5 March at 11:00
5 March at 11:00
19 March at 11:00
22 March at 18:00
22 March at 18:00
Closing Gala Ceremony
Theatre NO99, Sakala 3, Tallinn
Coaches & Mentors
Brilliant minds to boost your superpowers!
Maria Elisabeth Veksler
Former IDF soldier
Kristi Ockba
Anna Kurepina
Media House OÜ
Laura Kalda
Heateo Sihtasutus
Pirkko Valge
Heateo Sihtasutus
Katerina Danilova
Kaidi Ruusalepp
Aili Maar
Helina Loor
Kätliin Lember
Rain Uusen
Telia Eesti AS
Mari Vavulski
Startup Estonia
Oliver Vesi
Martin Dremljuga
Photo Passion
Jaak Prints
Eva K. Ponomarjov
Inspirational Speakers &
Pitch Jury
Real life superheroes reveal their superpowers!
Mari-Liis Lill
Rasmus Rask
Yoko Alender
Ottavio Cambieri
Kristel Kruustük
Kaja Kallas
Kirke Saar
Tanel Padar

The list will be constantly updated. Stay tuned!
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