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I want. I can. I will.
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Superheroes is a growth mindset driven entrepreneurship & leadership program for 13-17-year-old girls to unlock their potential and build true grit for a superhero life. During 4 months of program girls get to test their superpowers, boost their life skills, grow their sisterhood and be inspired by diverse role models. Most importantly, they get to make their dreams a reality by running projects they are passionate about in squads of five!
We need role models, grit, support and determination to believe we can achieve anything we set our mind to. To have more heroes to look up to, we need to create and become them. Superheroes grows and encourages a new generation of confident and committed women leaders to walk the talk. Dreams are not real. Moving forward is. That's what Superheroes does, we dare to take steps until we make the dreams happen.
We don't restrict dreams to a specific focus area. A Superhero project can vary from creating an exciting board game to starting an e-shop to campaigning for an animal rescue shelter to anything else a girl with grit is passionate about. Superheroes team will be there to provide the girls with a safe and open environment to dare, explore, test, connect and thrive. It's literally the time and place to become a hero.
Superheroes proudly presents:
The first season insights!
Get a firsthand experience from Superheroes participants, mentors, coaches, inspirational speakers and partners!

Superheroes checklist

You're a perfect fit to be a Superhero, if you…

Are a 13-17 year old girl and want to make a difference in the world


Want to take action and make your dreams a reality


Want to be confident to speak your mind
and find friends that share your passion


Want to be part of Superheroes open,
exciting and inspiring community


Will take the time and commit to giving
your very best to be a Superhero

Superheroes program is also a competition, every hero should come prepared for a fair battle! The program consists of 8 workshops and runs in Tallinn between October 2017 to January 2018. All sessions are held in English and are free of charge.

Superheroes workshops are held twice a month on Sundays between 11:00 - 17:00
Sessions are kicked off by inspirational speakers, followed by practical skills workshops and squad mentoring to drive the projects forward.
Think of Superheroes as your support network and yourself as the Superhero to bring about change that matters to you. You are asked to be in charge of your homework as well as be accountable to your squad. What you learn from the greatest leaders and entrepreneurs, we want you to test it out for your own big idea to thrive.

I want. I can. I will
Superheroes ends with a Gala in late January 2018
The Gala is all about celebrating success, giving out awards in lots of different categories and illustrating the heroic journey through inspirational videos, guests speakers and quite a bit of entertainment! The Gala is organised by the magnificent Big Sisters, the grittiest and boldest alumni from the first Superheroes season.

The most impactful team in the competition will be awarded with an inspiring and excitement packed study trip to the UK to meet the global heroes!
15th of October, 2017 – 25th of January, 2018
15 October at 11:00
15 October at 11:00
Ideation & Team Building
29 October at 11:00
29 October at 11:00
Leadership & Project Management
5 November at 11:00
5 November at 11:00
Tech & Entrepreneurship
19 November at 11:00
19 November at 11:00
Digital Impact & Strategic Thinking
3 December at 11:00
3 December at 11:00
Financial Literacy & Fundraising
17 December at 11:00
17 December at 11:00
Critical Thinking & Media Literacy
7 January at 11:00
7 January at 11:00
Voice & Will
14 January at 11:00
14 January at 11:00
Practice & Pitch
27 January at 11:00
27 January at 11:00
Final Pitch
3 February at 18:00
3 February at 18:00
Superheroes Gala
To be announced
To be announced
Winner squad is going to the UK!
Coaches & Mentors
Brilliant minds to boost your super powers!
Laur Läänemets
Mads Emil Dalsgaard
Josepha Miltony
Rait Videvik
Telia Eesti
Mari-Ly Hallik
Liis Narusk
ELEVATE by Garage48
Toomas Seppel
Hedman Partners
Indrek Kaljumäe
Maria Derlõš
Karl Anton
Telia Eesti
Marleen Pedjasaar
Heateo Sihtasutus
Mari-Liis Kanter
Dan Franch
Pitch Wizard
Kaie Laaneväli
Ministry of Rural Affairs
Ottavio Cambieri
Mash Machine
Eva K. Ponomarjov
Inspirational Speakers &
Pitch Jury
Real life superheroes reveal their super powers!
Kaspar Kuus
Founder / Spoony

Col. Giles R. Harris
NATO BG Estonia
John Bates
CEO / Executive Speaking Success & Business Coaching
Kadir Kale
CFO/ Telia Eesti
Kristel Kruustük
CEO / Testlio
Maarit Mäeveer
Marketing Manager / Telia Eesti
Dan Mikkin
Partner/ Brand Manual
Kaidi Ruusalepp
Founder & CEO/ Funderbeam
Kristi Saare
Founder /Naisinvestorite Klubi
Andres Kitter
Head of Retail Banking / LHV
Katrin Isotamm
Head of Communications/ Telia Eesti
Dagmar Lamp
Editorial Head, Blogger/ Postimees /sõbranna.ee
Merilin Piipuu
Managing Director/ Museum of Occupations
Piret Karro
Editor/ Müürileht
Reine Zahreddine
Trainer/ Chabibeh
Annika Laats
Pastor/ EELC/ Risti congregration
The list of Speakers will be constantly updated! Stay tuned!
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Eva K. Ponomarjov
Founder & CEO
Tiina Kärsna
Co-Founder & COO
Saniya Vardak
Program Assistant
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Big Sisters Team
Big Sisters are the grittiest and bravest girls from Superheroes first season.
This season they are making sure that the program keeps on evolving
and inspiring new girls to join the movement!

Meet the magnificent team of many Superpowers!
Discovery Sisters
My superpowers are communication, being enterprising, positivity, (physics,) empathy and patience.
My superpowers are definitely communication, positivity and being helpful as much as I can
My superpowers are music, being positive, staying passionate about what I love, and helping others
My superpowers are communicating, music, positivity and kindness.
Content Sisters
My superpowers are my positivity and open mindedness, helping others and dancing.
My superpowers are problem solving, IT and staying realistic.
My superpowers are organising skills, I can handle difficult situations and find the way to make things better!
My superpowers are my determination to learn, positivity. I am always ready to work and make things happen
Marketing Sisters
My superpower is financial managing, music, and languages
My superpowers are communication and financial managing.
My superpower is communicating with people with Down Syndrome, taking pictures, being positive and my good grades.
My superpowers are communication, determination to study, patience, group work, designing things, and languages.
Partnership Sisters
My superpower is my helpful and patient soul so if any problems or questions occur, please do not hesitate to ask.
My superpowers are helping people manage big tasks and coming up with new ways to communicate ideas.
My superpowers are IT, reading and staying positive
My superpowers are communicating, organizing skills and open mindedness.